Daily Wine News: No Reservations

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-12-2012

Château Cos-d’Estournel.

“‘The Bordelais learned from their arrogance and incompetence last year, ourselves included,’” said Jean-Guillaume Prats, CEO of Château Cos-d’Estournel.” Wine Spectator reports on the news that many Bordeaux properties are expected to drop their release prices this year.

While at En Primeur, Chuck Hayward and others from J.J. Buckley decided to stop by Lafleur, without an appointment. He soon wound up “in a small and intimate cellar, sampling some of the best wines of the vintage with Jacques Guinaudeau, the personable owner who was most generous with his time.”

In Palate Press, Talia Baiocchi explains how she “became captivated by Piemonte’s underworld of esoterica.”

Elsewhere, Baiocchi highlights “10 of the Hottest New Wine Lists Across America.”

“So wine-tasting is a learned experience, not a subject you immerse yourself in for a short period of time to learn it all.” In Dan Berger’s latest column, he explains why the process of tasting  is one of the greatest joys of wine.

Corkage is now legal in Maryland! Dave McIntyre has the scoop.

Decanter.com reports on The Wine Advocate’s internal investigation of CampoGate.

In Wine Spectator, an excellent backgrounder on dessert wines. Meanwhile, in Drink Me, Constance Chamberlain explains why certain stickies are among the world’s most coveted wines.

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