Daily Wine News: Half Price

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-06-2012

Over on the blog for Lot18, Audrey Luk has a fantastic conversation with one of my favorite winemakers, Michael Talty. (As regular readers know, we profiled Michael Talty just two weeks after the launch of Terroirist. And we interviewed him last April.)

Decanter.com has learned that “at least one of the first growths will come out at half the price of last year.” Jamie Goode, however, “expects high prices to continue, [as] it is in no one’s interest to reduce them too much.”

In other En Primeur news, J.J. Buckley’s Devon Magee concludes that “something unique and special happened in Pomerol in 2011.”

In his latest WineReviewOnline column, W. Blake Gray peers into the future with Tony Terlato, who is betting on Syrah. Gray offers more commentary on his blog.

Peter Ekman, the CEO of Crushpad, shares his personal wine journey.

In Palate Press, Greg Horton writes an update on Paul Hobbs, the Flying Winemaker.

Responding to high interest from Millennials, Constellation “intends to launch more than 50 new wine brands and line extensions this year… as it focuses on the explosive demand for red blends, Moscato and unoaked, or stainless-steel fermented, wines.”

“Could red wine be a fat zapper in a bottle?” I sure hope so.

In the New York Times, 36 hours in Mendoza.

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