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In Wine Spectator, Tim Fish contends that Turley “one of the undisputed kings of California Zinfandel.”

Ehren Jordan of Turley.

“At a time when the local food movement has inspired many consumers across the nation to… consider the wines being made in their own backyards, no up-and-coming domestic region has received as much serious attention as the Finger Lakes.” In The Atlantic, Caroline Helper contends that the Finger Lakes is America’s next great wine region.

When it comes to direct-to-consumer wine sales, “the main growth over the next decade will come from a growing habit of buying wine online, and from a significant increase in interest from younger, highly involved wine drinkers.”

Richard Jennings offers his notes on the recent Rhone Rangers tasting in San Francisco.

“Our kids grow up, and yet when it comes to alcohol, so often we treat teenagers like toddlers. No taste, no way, no how. It can’t be that surprising that college becomes a time to rebel or let loose.” In New York Cork Report, a wonderful essay from Evan Dawson inspired by the recent arrival of his son, Rhys

From En Primeur, Will Lyons reports that “it is in Sauternes… where vignerons believe conditions conspired to make the most interesting wine [in 2011].”

“The prices must drop significantly if Bordeaux wine producers want to sell their wines as futures.” James Suckling explains why “the only problem with 2011 Bordeaux is the price.”

Meanwhile, several employees of J.J. Buckley enjoyed “bottomless pours at Chateau Margaux.”

For the average American wine consumer, Taylor Eason thinks Bordeaux is irrelevant.

“Fact is, most so-called cult wines in California are red and most are, to my palate, pretty awful, since the style in which they are made is almost always bigger and chewier than would be good with food.” Some fighting words from Dan Berger.

In Oklahoma, a group has mobilized to push for the sale of wine in supermarkets. Woo hoo!

In case you missed it (I did!), Mike Steinberger wrote a piece for Slate a couple weeks back exploring the question of whether or not it’s okay to serve wine to your kids.

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