Daily Wine News: Shift to Subtlety

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Live-ex sits down with Robert Parker for an in-depth interview (part 1; part 2), chatting about the 2009 Bordeaux vintage; his “underrated” vintages; the regions and producers he’s most excited about, and the Pancho Campo affair.

“At the very moment when more California winemakers talked earnestly about a shift toward a subtler style of wine, nature provided.” In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné writes about 2009, 2010, and 2011 in California.

Elsewhere, Bonné recommends some Friulian whites.

“When French police raided the vast, five-floor, 101-room apartment of Teodoro Obiang Nguema… among the ill-gotten gains they confiscated were… an enviable stock of Pétrus and DRC. That’s our world; that’s the kind of homes where you find these wines — and I’m sure Christian Moueix and Aubert de Villaine are as discomfited by this as anyone.” Andrew Jefford, on money and wine.

W. Blake Gray explains why the “Gundlach Bundschu video personifying Merlot is worth seeing.” I agree – it’s hilarious!

Visits to California wine country have long been popular. Increasingly, tourists are visiting states like Kentucky to tour distilleries and breweries.

“Now that the skies have cleared and the 2011 wines have been barreled or bottled, I asked how our skilled and clever winemakers worked their magic against the crappy hand dealt by Mother Nature.” In C-Ville, Megan Headley chat with several Virginia winemakers about last year’s vintage. (H/T: Dave McIntyre.)

Steve Heimoff visits Harlan and Screaming Eagle.

In Australia, some shocking allegations have been leveled against Jacob’s Creek winery for its treatment of kangaroos.

“I couldn’t ask Flajnik if his on-again off-again romance with Courtney Robertson was on again. But if Flajnik is anything like the other ‘wine guy’ star on The Bachelor in 2003 – Andrew Firestone – he’ll never make it to altar with his pick.” In the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, Peg Melnik chats briefly with the Bachelor, Ben Flajnik.

Todd Godbout writes a nice summary of last week’s WineAmerica reception on Capitol Hill.

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