Daily Wine News: The Alcohol Factor

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-23-2012

At Serious Eats, Terry Theise offers advice on how to “get the most out of the sommelier when you go out for a fancy meal.”

Matt Kramer looks at recent trends in Americans’ coffee and wine consumption habits, and concludes that we’re becoming “more nuanced.”

Mike Steinberger wonders if wine geeks are “too cavalier about the alcohol factor.”

Meanwhile, the Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine has concluded that “the newfound lust for low alcohol wines is about to destroy the wine business as we know it.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Steve Heimoff interviews Jayson Woodbridge, owner and winemaker of Hundred Acre, Layer Cake, and Cherry Pie Wines.

Surprise! According to Dave McIntyre, “Argentina has much more to offer than just malbec.”

In Mississippi, the local wine industry is taking off.

“Petite Sirah, with a Stella chaser — it’s the next pickleback.” So proclaims Jon Bonné in a post offering his final thoughts on the Chronicle Wine Competition.

For the 20th straight year, the Oregon wine industry is expecting sales to rise in 2012.


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