Daily Wine News: Organic Failure

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-21-2012

W. Blake Gray reports: “The US and EU concluded a major deal on organic food labeling last week, basically agreeing to recognize each other’s certification processes… The only product left out of the agreement was wine, and once again sulfites were the culprit.”

Henry Tang has long been expected to become Hong Kong’s next chief executive. His hopes may have ended, though, undone by allegations that he built an illegal wine cellar.

Jeff Siegel, aka the Wine Curmudgeon, writes a two part series on sweet red wine. In Part I, he provides an overview. In Part II, he explains what they taste like.

In a fascinating post at WineBerserkers, Roy Piper explains why he decided to send two 2004 Chateauneufs – “both of them well-known names scoring in the mid-90s by the Pooh-Bah” – to the lab for analysis. The results are quite interesting.

In Palate Press, Evan Dawson writes a comprehensive piece on what recent studies tell us about light drinking during pregnancy.

In McClatchy, Fred Tasker looks at the high-altitude wines of Argentina.

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