Daily Wine News: Embracing Gigondas

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Courtesy of Jean-Marc Rosier from http://www.rosier.pro.

“When done right, the sheer fruit-drenched power of grenache can be immensely winning, particularly when the juicy, exuberant fruit is tempered by mineral or herbal flavors that create a sense of complexity.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov embraces the power of (some) Gigondas. He writes more on his blog.

Wondering how to sell 150,000 cases of wine in your first five months of production – with few reviews and little placement outside grocery stores? Partner with the Food Network. (H/T: The Wine Curmudgeon.)

“I fall in love with the wine when I was 16.” In the New York Times, an audio-visual special profiling Arianna Occhipinti, a rising winemaker in Sicily. (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Jon Bonné reviews some “truly special” rosé Champagnes.

The older John Mariani gets, the more convinced he becomes “that keeping wines for decades is a very risky business.” Don’t tell Keith Levenberg.

Mike Veseth, aka the Wine Economist, offers some tips for Washington wine growers.

Dr. Vino explores the history of the 100-point scale.

Jordan Winery is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and you’re invited.

In Maryland, some restaurants are pushing lawmakers to legalize the sale of “wine-to-go,” in refillable bottles similar to beer growlers.

Drew Barrymore is in the wine business. Her first offering? An Italian Pinot Grigio.

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  1. We were “treated” to a pre-release sampling of Entwine at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in July. For $13, I’m sure everyone reading here could find much better wine. The Food Network show hosts never say anything specifically about wine other than make sure you cook with something you’d drink. And I suppose you’d drink Entwine if nothing else were available, so that fits!