Daily Wine News: A Takedown!

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-10-2012

Chris Kassel writes a hilarious takedown of Matt Kramer’s latest Wine Spectator column.

Jon Bonné follows up on his recent column on winegrower Tegan Passalacqua – with a great blog post on Passalacqua’s winemaking philosophy. One influence for Passalacqua? South Africa’s Swartland Independent, which “aims to raise awareness of that emerging region of South Africa by making wines with minimal additions and manipulations.”

“We don’t drink enough sweet wines.” So concludes Dave McIntyre, in his latest Washington Post column.

“It’s still only February, but a little Torrontes goes a long way towards making it seem like spring.” On the Wall Street Journal’s wine blog, Lettie Teague reports on the efforts of Nick Ramkowksy, owner of the California-based Vine Connections, to popularize Torrentest in the United States.

Brooklyn Guy attends an epic dinner where he enjoys the legendary Côte-Rôties of Marius Gentaz. (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

Wines & Vines digs into the recent report on the growth of Virginia’s wine industry.

On Eater, Talia Baiocchi writes about the Historic Vineyard Society – together with a slideshow of some of the state’s gnarliest vines.

W. Blake Gray reports on the news that the EU has ruled that “organic wine” can contain sulfites.

Terroir is back! On February 27, “Return to Terroir” will return to New York City.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Return to Terroir video, D!

    …and I’m with Dave McIntyre. For a country with such a sweet tooth, we drink far too little stickies.