Debunking the Top Five Wine Myths

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Debunking the Top Five Wine Myths

“Red wine with fish?” muses James Bond, as he confronts the villain in From Russia with Love. “Well that should have told me something.”

James Bond may be a great spy, but he wouldn’t make a great sommelier. Believe it or not, fish sometimes works with red wine – and white wine often works with meat.

This is just one of the many wine myths that remain omnipresent. Here are the top five.

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  1. Definitely agree with these. Did you know they served a california cab (dry creek, West Wines cab reserve 2005) with turbot at the Nobel Prize banquet in 2010? Plus, champagne is my favorite food wine… Well written post for general audiences, should do well in local papers!

  2. Erica,

    Thanks for the comment! Never would have guessed a Cab Sauv with Turbot, but it makes sense!

  3. I’m a firm believer in breaking the rules and shattering the myths. Nothing like taking someone new to wine under my wing and showing them how to enjoy wine, life and themselves!!!

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  5. [...] regular readers know, my latest column debunks the “Top Five Wine Myths.” On Monday, I appeared on NewsChannel 8 in Washington DC to discuss my column. Check out the [...]