Daily Wine News: Consumer Driven

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-12-2012

The Nanny Strikes Back?

Bravo. Tom Wark details five “specific conditions that would reflect a consumer driven wine marketplace.”

Jeff Carroll, vice president of Compliance at ShipCompliant, looks back at 2011 and concludes that “in the world of wine compliance… once movements gain momentum, it’s hard to slow them down.”

The Washington Post reports: According to a working paper for the American Association of Wine Economists, “states where wine makes up a larger part of total alcohol consumption tend to have lower rates of traffic fatalities.”

In the New York Times, Alan Tardi explains how growers in the “original zone” of Prosecco are working to guard their pedigree.

In the Press-Democrat, Virginie Boone analyzes “the growing popularity of Petite Sirah.”

Lenn Thompson, executive editor of the New York Cork Report, announces TasteCamp 2012, which will be held in Northern Virginia in early May.

Don’t get too excited just yet, but according to a report in New Scientist, a Chinese tree extract “may keep you sober no matter how much you’ve had to drink.”

New York City’s nanny strikes back: Mayor Bloomberg has set out to limit the sale of booze in NYC.

Mike Steinberger wonders if it’s “ever okay to tell a host that his or her wine glasses quite literally stink.”

According to a new report from Vinexpo, “China has overtaken the UK to join the list of the world’s top five wine-consuming nations” over the past year.

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