Daily Wine News: A New Year

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 01-03-2012

Richard Jennings, wine taster extraordinaire, details his top 15 wines of 2011.

W. Blake Gray anoints an “unobtainable” Virginia wine – the 2009 Otium Cellars Dornfelder – his “wine of the year.” The reason? In 2012, he’d like you to “think about all the great local wines that you can buy and I can’t.”

Jeff Siegel offers his predictions on the wine trends we’ll see in 2012.

In Palate Press, Evan Dawson brings attention to “a small commune called Ovada, [where] a group of winemakers is trying to convince the world that there is something magical in the DNA of [Dolcetto].”

Wine Spectator pays tribute to the well-known “winemakers, grapegrowers, enologists, distributors and all-around industry promoters” who died in 2011.

Tom Wark takes proponents of the natural wine movement to task. The reason? “In order to gain attention for the wines, gain legitimacy for the wines and in order to define the wines, proponents… have taken to denigrating wines and winemakers that, in their view, fall too far outside the ‘Natural Wine’ orbit.”

Wines & Vines highlights Club Breathe, a new service that’s helping California wineries find more buyers — not more tasters.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s tasting panel makes it through some Alsatian whites – and remains puzzled.

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  1. Thank you for including my year-end summary in your round up. And thank you for being a great news source for the wine community!


  2. Thank you for having mentioned our small DOC, which actually cover 23 communes. It’s like the most famous Barbaresco or Barolo, where the name of the main municipality is used for the wine made in a bigger area.

    By the way, our climate is not magical, the strange thing is that we get to more structured products vis a vis those produced in the Langhe with a notable aging potential.

    We will be glad, as we did with Evans, to share this particular with you: come and visit our cellar!



    P.S. Take a look at the photo, is taken whithin the Ovada Area!