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Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 12-19-2011

Christopher Hitchens didn’t drink quite as much as you think.

The Drinks Business reports that the Institute of Masters of Wine has opened an investigation into the conduct of Pancho Campo MW. Decanter.com offers more details. Mike Steinberger chimes in with his thoughts, and offers some great commentary: “The fact that Parker’s investigation is being conducted by the law firm of his personal attorney suggests that Parker probably doesn’t need to sweat the outcome.”

“The tasting on Manhattan’s Upper East Side came and went and I didn’t wear a woolen cap, flannel shirt, or use empty 40-ounce cans of PBR as decanters.” But at a tasting of “hipster wines,” Dr. Vino tasted some “some fine and fun wines, if quirky and hard to find.”

In Wine Spectator, an analysis of the various winery and vineyard sales that took place in California over the past year.

In Wine Enthusiast, Steve Heimoff reports on the approval of Fort Ross-Seaview AVA.

In a video on the Wall Street Journal’s wine blog, Will Lyons and Lettie Teague offer their advice about “what wine to bring to a dinner party or other holiday celebration.” Meanwhile, in print, Lettie Teague takes a look at all the various wine accessories one might purchase this holiday season.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné offers a “perfect starter kit” for those looking to explore sweet wines.

Howard Goldberg reports: “Despite the major problems that recurring rains caused for Long Island vintners during this year’s growing season, two leading producers are quickly releasing successful 2011 whites.”

A flashback: In 2008, Christopher Hitchens took a break from writing about religion and politics with a wonderful rant about obtrusive sommeliers. (H/T: Mike Steinberger.)

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  1. That WSJ vid was pretty useless.

    David, what are your suggestions for wines to bring to holiday dinner parties? I know it’s a broad question, but I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately and haven’t really settled on anything.

    Thanks for a great year on the site!

  2. What’s the crowd like? What are your goals — good wine, a conversation starter, etc? And what’s the price point? So many answers — I need some context to help!

  3. Sorry, I should have known better.

    Big crowd that largely resides somewhere in between wine know-nothing and wino. Beef tenderloin is the main. I love big Italian wine and a few S Am malbecs lately, but I’m worried the crowd pleaser (a CA Cab) may be the better choice.

    Price? Eh, below $60.


  4. I’d go with a California crowd-pleaser that’ll surprise them and start a conversation.

    How about a merlot? Everyone loves to pretend they hate the stuff… but if you find one that’s well-structured, your crowd will be very surprised by how much they’re enjoying it.

    Alternatively, if the crowd likes big California wines — and your sick of Cab, you could go with a Zin — like something from Ravenswood, Carlisle, etc.