Daily Wine News: A Worthy Cause

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 12-13-2011

Together with Zachy’s Wine and Liquor, Palate Press is helping raise money for the “Find Lauren Fund” to help Robert and Charlene Spierer find their daughter, who disappeared from Indiana University in June.

Yesterday, Robert Parker announced that “The Wine Advocate has engaged the law firm of Cozen O’Connor to conduct an investigation to determine whether our strict policy of independence in the review and tasting of wines for publication in The Wine Advocate or posting on eRobertparker.com was compromised.”

“Until port and table wine can be put on an equal fiscal footing, life may get still harder for those eking out a living on the lonely Douro terraces.” In his latest Decanter.com column, Andrew Jefford asks what’s going on in Douro.

In the New York Post, James Covert profiles John Kapon, owner of AckerMerrall&Condit. This year, his wine events are on track “to rake in $110 million in revenue… [which] will make Acker the first wine auctioneer to cross the $100 million mark.”

In the Napa Valley Register, Dan Berger remembers wine writer Robert Lawrence Balzer, who recently died at the age of 99.

Wine Enthusiast interviews Yao Ming about his new wine project. Unfortunately, the magazine didn’t ask Ming about W. Blake Gray’s assertion that he’s essentially selling bulk wine for $289/bottle.

If you’re wondering how to make a wine stand out in Hong Kong, Jeannie Cho Lee MW has the answers. (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

Drinking sparkling wine on a budget? Dave McIntyre has some advice. Meanwhile, on his blog, McIntyre catches up with Ed Sands of Calvert Woodley.

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  1. Very interesting piece on Douro with regards to the plea to pay the farmers 10% more.

    These “take from Peter to pay Paul” acts don’t fix the root problems. There appears to be an abundance of farmers tilling small plots which shrinks margins, making every year a do-or-die situation. Some farmers will fail, but others will succeed. Let the successful farmers buy up the failed vineyards, increase their margins and improve their negotiating position.

    Or am i missing something?

  2. Blake: I agree!