Daily Wine News: Preparation 500

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 11-16-2011

Looking for wine advice on Thanksgiving? Yesterday, I provided some answers.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for Thanksgiving drinking advice that doesn’t involve wine, Eric Asimov has some ideas.

Are French wines “increasingly lost on the latest generation of American wine-lovers?” Matt Kramer thinks so, and that worries him.

Is the most “logical and unique” grape for South Africa to claim as its own Pinotage? In Wine Enthusiast, Lauren Buzzeo makes the case. (Her arguments are spot-on, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea…)

Biodynamics was invented in 1924 by philosopher Rudolf Steiner. About 75 years later, Demeter-International was created to “certify” biodynamic practices across the world, and in 2006, Demeter’s American branch registered the word “biodynamic” as a certification mark with the U.S. Trademark Office. As you might guess, certification costs money. Lots of money. And as DC-based wine importer First Vine explained yesterday, Demeter will hit you up for money in every way imaginable. (For the record, like Stu Smith, I’m a huge proponent of organic and sustainable farming. I just wish people didn’t conflate those practices with biodynamic viticulture.)

The Wine Economist offers some thoughts on Washington’s move to privatize liquor sales.

Ever wonder about oak diversity? Remy Charest has the details.

On Monday, Wine Spectator provided a detailed report on the 2011 vintage in France. Yesterday, the magazine provided a report on Italy.

California chef Herb Seidel, who must be using a fake name, is making marijuana-infused wine.

Gourmet and savory cookies pair well with wine. Seriously.

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