Daily Wine News: Bull Honkey!

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 11-15-2011

We all celebrated (correctly!) when Washington privatized liquor sales last week. Unfortunately, the law has an important flaw: To “assure critics that corner convenience stores and gas stations wouldn’t be selling hard liquor,” the bill was written to require “private stores selling spirits be 10,000 square feet or larger.” If this isn’t fixed, you can say goodbye to the neighborhood wine shop.

As much as Joe Roberts would “love to see privatization take hold and the free market rein when it comes to alcohol sales” in Pennsylvania, he thinks the current effort to reform the system is Bull Honkey.

Wine Spectator provides a detailed report on the 2011 vintage in France.

British inventor Martin Myerscough has invented an environmentally friendly wine bottle made of papier machee! I wouldn’t cellar these bottles, though – they “can biodegrade on a compost heap within weeks.”

“The existence and subtlety of that tea culture is one reason” why Andrew Jefford is “deeply optimistic about the prospects for wine in China.” As he writes in Decanter, “there is no better way to explain fine wine to Chinese consumers than via the analogy of fine tea.”

Last Wednesday, 13 new Masters of Wine were formally announced.

Since 1984, happy hours have been illegal in Massachusetts — bars and restaurants are prohibited from serving free or discounted drinks during certain time periods. This legislative session, it looked like the law might finally change – but passage now seems doubtful. One reason? Influential Bay Staters like former Gov. Michael Dukakis, who signed the ban in 1984, is warning that “people will lose their lives” if such an “outrageous” reform passes.

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