Daily Wine News: The Future of Wine

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 10-21-2011

Jeff Siegel has seen the future of wine, and it's name is not Bruce Springsteen.

“Head spinning, still wet and sticky from the winery, but feeling incredibly alive. I’m exhausted, but there’s no way I could even lie down let alone sleep…” Hardy Wallace finishes the first harvest for Dirty and Rowdy Wine.

“The misguided belief that the CARE Act promotes constitutional principles explains why it has gained some momentum. But lawmakers should not be fooled by the language in the bill. The wholesaler campaign for the CARE Act is an investment for which they expect a big return.” In the Washington Times, an excellent op-ed from Angela Logomasini on the need to stop HR 1161.

In response to the news that Sea Smoke has decided to put “California Grand Cru” on its labels for its 2009 vintage, Mike Steinberger wonders if “California should have an official pecking order.” His answer? “No way.” I agree with Mike.

Ever wonder how wine writing differs from food writing? W. Blake Gray has the details.

Jeff Siegel “has seen the future” of wine, and he’s very optimistic. He envisions a world without wine snobbery, where those who love wine convince others to appreciate it by demystifying it.

Jon Bonné expands on his recent column where he looked at California’s 2011 harvest, and wonders if wine styles can adapt when “vintages diverge from the theme of bountiful sun and warmth that California has long promoted.”

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