Daily Wine News: Go Finger Lakes!

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The Finger Lakes.

In the Washington Post, a wonderful piece on the resurgence of Maryland wines from Dave McIntyre.

“Nowadays, top producers are not simply making good Finger Lakes rieslings, or good American rieslings. They are making seriously good world-class rieslings, in a multitude of styles.” In Eric Asimov’s latest column, some huge praise for Finger Lakes wines. Asimov writes more on his blog.

More praise for the Finger Lakes from Rémy Charest in Palate Press, where he highlights the wines of Heart & Hands, Bloomer Creek, Shalestone Vineyards, Ravines, and Damiani Wine Cellars.

The former residence of Robert and Margrit Mondavi can be yours for $13.9 million.

Loire Valley winemaker Olivier Cousin has gotten into trouble with the French wine authorities for his wine labels – and is now facing a large fine and possible imprisonment. Some reporting in Decanter, and some commentary from Mike Steinberger.

People often ask Jancis Robinson whether she’d like to make wine. The answer is always no – there’d be potential conflicts of interest, of course, and “the passion for gardening that is supposed to infect so many Englishwomen of a certain age has completely passed” her by. The crazy harvest of 2011 has reinforced her opinion.

In GQ, Alan Richman’s reveals 19 Bottles of Merlot “that you don’t want to miss.”

Some promising news for residents of Pennsylvania: Public Opinion Online reports that the bill that would privatize wine and spirits sales in the state “now has the support of the state Senate’s majority whip.”

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  1. Always love the yelps of the union leaders about removing the states from controlling alcohol sales “privatization will…increase the risk of problems associated with alcohol.”

    Read – more state union employees no longer contributing union dues & loss of unsustainable benefits in gross excess of their job description.

    Glad to see Penn dialing it back and accepting that while regulation should be run by the state, commerce belongs to the people.