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Respect the soil.

Dave McIntyre reports that “Regional Wine Week is off to a roaring start.”

In Washington State, Costco has teamed up with common sense to push for privatization of the state’s wine and spirits industry. As one might guess, the wholesalers are pushing back – of the $7.4 million that’s been raised to fight this measure, $5.8 million has come from the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America, $500,000 has come from the Washington Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association, and $500,000 has come from the National Beer Wholesalers Association.

For Andrew Jefford, “The most significant revolution [he has] seen in the wine world over the last quarter century has nothing to do with micro-oxygenation, 100-point scores or screwcaps.” It’s respect for soil.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague catches up with British rocker Bryan Ferry, whose taste taste in wine runs toward the French and expensive — with beautiful labels preferred.

In Palate Press, Tom Mansell explains why “Colorado’s wine status will continue climbing higher and higher.”

In France, wine production will be way up with the 2011 harvest, thanks to August rain that filled grapes and dry September weather that limited damage from gray mold fungus.

Over at J.J. Buckley’s blog, Chuck Hayward pens a from-the-heart obituary to wine writer Robert Finigan.

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  1. And over on The Sediment Blog, we’re drinking wine from a mug

    (Well, the regional wines in London are none too hot…and we haven’t got Bryan Ferry’s money!)