Daily Wine News: Overreach & Failure

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“Prohibition is a useful example of government overreach and failure, and of unintended consequences.” In The American, Eleanor Bartow — manager of Ten Sisters Wine – explains why even though prohibition may be long gone, but the overregulation of the adult beverage industry at the state level remains.

DrinkLocalWine’s fourth annual Regional Wine Week begins on Sunday! So be sure to enjoy at least one wine this week from “The Other 47″ – in other words, states aside from California, Washington, and Oregon.

If you’re wondering what to buy, seek out a wine from Virginia’s Tom Payette. According to Dave McIntyre, Payette should be on your list of “Virginia winemakers to watch.” The reason? “Two of his wines won the state’s prestigious Governor’s Cup competitions.”

Rep. Kurt Schrader [D-OR], whose district includes the Willamette Valley, has signed on as a co-sponsor HR 1161. Absolutely despicable – and very, very odd, considering it’ll hurt so many of his constituents. Tyler Colman has the details.

Also odd: Demand for sweet red wine is skyrocketing.

In Decanter, Panos Kakaviatos reports on the “earliest ever” harvest in Sauternes.

Elsewhere in Decanter, a report that “Sotheby’s failed to sell dozens of lots in its latest two-day wine sale in Hong Kong — indicating a ‘stabilization’ of the market.”

Speaking of market stabilization, Screaming Eagle is (or was) currently for sale at the Costco in Redwood City, California.

According to Gerald Boyd, “the future for Marin County wines looks very promising.” (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

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