Daily Wine News: #GrenacheDay!

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On Ridge Vineyards’ blog, Christopher Watkins writes about #GrenacheDay, and shares a fascinating story about Ridge’s Grenache. “We first discovered Grenache in our own vineyards in a rather unlikely fashion; by accident! When harvesting the eastern hills of our Lytton Springs estate back in 1972, we were quite surprised to learn that one of the hills — planted in 1902 — was dominated by Grenache!”

On that note, what will you be drinking tonight? I plan on opening a 2006 Rudius Grenache.

“American beer culture has progressed far beyond what anybody but the most visionary beer fanatic ever imagined.” So argues Eric Asimov in his latest column. Over at Dr. Vino, Tyler Colman comments on Asimov’s piece.

“It is no longer illegal for a California bartender to put a basil leaf in a bottle of gin.” At Diner’s Journal, Robert Simonson has the details.

In Oklahoma, liquor storeowners, wholesalers, and distributors are pushing hard to keep the sale of strong beer and wine in grocery stores against the law. This is insanity. It astounds me that so many states continue to prohibit consumers from purchasing wine while picking up dinner.

On eRobertParker.com, an update (subscription required) on the disastrous Mosel hailstorm from David Schildknecht. “The good news is that after the horror of hail was over, everything happened as close to perfectly as one can call the aftermath of such a hideous natural wonder. First off, precisely because the stones were so huge, they generally cut-down entire clusters. Absent was the buckshot or even grapeshot effect that is more familiar and leaves wounded berries almost everywhere including, insidiously, inside clusters. Then, it rained so hard beforehand as to completely soak the plants, which cuts down on damage; and so hard nearly all night afterward that any juice bled through wounds was completely washed away. This, together with cool, clear, and breezy weather for a week thereafter insured that this incident did not engender rot.”

Wine Enthusiast’s Steve Heimoff reports that Sterling Vineyards has named Harry Hansen senior winemaker.

If you’re feeling lucky, head to the facebook page for the San Luis Obispo Visitors and Conference Bureau. The organization is giving away a wine country getaway.

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  1. Considering Grenache is just about my favorite grape in the world, i’ll be going full throttle in celebration. Sad that it’s so hard to get great varietal expression from the grape at potential alcohols below 14%…have a feeling my head my be hurting tomorrow morning. Oh well; it’s a very worth cause. To Grenache!!!

  2. Now this sounds like nature was looking on the fruit favourably, luck has to come in some where

    I agree with you that the natural acompanyment to food is wine. Would be great if the sate and government saw it this way. I wonder what they have with their meals?