Daily Wine News: Nuance and Life

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Le Bernardin, where Anna Stoessinger has her last meal with a stomach.

Imagine if you had just 10 days left with your stomach. In a heart-wrenching essay, Anna Stoessinger explains how she “set out to capture all that food meant” after her doctor scheduled a total gastrectomy.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné pays homage to the Loire Valley. “These wines have quintessential nuance and life. Chinon and Bourgeuil have been bistro staples for one reason: The wines beg to be on the table. Put them there.”

The Wine Curmudgeon hands his blog over to his brother, Jim, who writes about a recent experience with his “aha” wine: A 1997 Peter Michael Les Pavots.

Shockingly, less than 4 percent of the winemakers in California are women! In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague highlights a new organization, Women Winemakers of California. Now I’m even more impressed with people like Chimney Rock’s Elizabeth Vianna and Rutherford Hill’s Marisa Taylor Huffaker.

In Palate Press, Lenn Thompson looks at Virginia’s wines – and wonders if they’re ready to take off.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Bonné looks at the latest collection of popular wine books: “Voodoo Vintners” by Katherine Cole; “A Vineyard in My Glass” by Gerald Asher; “An Ideal Wine” by David Darlington; and “Authentic Wine” by Jamie Goode and Sam Harrop. Elsewhere on the interwebs, UC Press interviews Gerald Asher.

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  1. I had a similar experience as Jim with a bottle of 1991 Peter Michael. I’d love to stumble on another bottle from that producer at some point.