Daily Wine News: Econ 101

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PCLB CEO Joe Conti would benefit from a lesson in economics.

In her latest Vintage America column, Talia Baiocchi offers a crash course in Pinot Noir regions around the world.

“New Jersey. To many people, it means Bruce Springsteen, Snooki, and Tony Soprano—but quality wines?” In Palate Press, Lenn Thompson makes the case.

In Pennsylvania, state lawmakers are considering proposals that would allow out-of-state wineries to ship their wares directly to Pennsylvanians!

Also in Pennsylvania, Liquor Control Board Joe Conti isn’t very smart. Testifying on Thursday before the House Liquor Control Committee, Conti predicted that privatizing the sale of wine and liquor “would lead to higher prices and limited availability.” Hey Mr. Conti: Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson is free online. I urge you to read it.

On Snooth, a great piece from Gregory Dal Piaz on his “epiphany wine.” In case you’re wondering, it was a 1982 Chateau Poujeaux.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague reminds us that when tasting wine, words “are a tool to communicate an experience, not to obscure or one-up another wine drinker.”

In Washington, grape growers are worried “a cool, wet start to this year’s growing season created ideal conditions for powdery mildew.”

Over at NorCalWine.com, Fred Swan defends the 100-point system.

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  1. Joe Conti’s thoughts are interesting, but they die on the mid-palate. (Thanks, LT!)