Daily Wine News: A Parallel Universe

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 08-10-2011

In what might be the sharpest-elbowed blog post ever, Mike Steinberger bashes Marcassin wines (calling them “hideous confections”), winemaker Helen Turley (who lives in a “Parallel Universe”), and Robert Parker (who makes comments that are “comically asinine”). Steinberger’s post will undoubtedly generate tons of buzz, so regardless of where you come down, check it out. (For background, check out Dr. Vino’s take on the most recent newsletter from Marcasin.) For the record, I’ve never tasted a Marcassin wine — and now I want to try one!

W. Blake Gray issues a call to arms: Any wine anywhere to anyone over 21! If you’re riled up, head on over to the American Wine Consumer Coalition’s facebook page and “like” it.

In Zester Daily, David Darlington worries that he’s a bad wine taster because he can’t tell a lingonberry from an olallaberry — and hasn’t bit into a crab apple since he was 7.

Over the past few months, New York Sen. Charles Schumer has been pushing the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to clear up a labeling logjam. On Tuesday, according to Sen. Schumer, the agency agreed to begin approving template labels for custom winemakers.

Steve Heimoff looks at an old “Yearbook of the Wine Industry” published by Wines & Vines in 1944, and wonders where “wine companies go when they die.”

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre looks at how the Virginia wine industry fared at last month’s Wine Bloggers’ Conference.

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