Daily Wine News: Wine & Toilet Brushes

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 08-03-2011

In his latest Washington Post column, Dave McIntyre comments on Jancis Robinson’s keynote address at the recent Wine Bloggers Conference. McIntyre’s summary of Robinson’s speech? “Today’s consumers can benefit from more voices in wine writing — whether in newspapers, in blogs and even on Twitter — to help loosen the grip that a few authoritative writers have had on our palates.”

Some great news for New York wineries. Under a new law reducing regulations on the wine industry, state wineries will now be able to operate up to five branch stores.

Meanwhile, New York City wineries are finding their footing.

France’s wine bureaucracy sounds insane. In his Decanter latest column, Andrew Jefford looks at “just how far the tentacles of the French bureaucratic octopus reach.” Turns out that even toilet brushes are in the rulebooks. “According to legislation dating back to July 1996, if you are lodging grape-pickers, there must be a toilet for every six pickers, and that toilet must be supplied not merely with paper but with a brush, too.”

Last week, Jon Bonné began his countdown of the top 8 wine TV ads of all time. Yesterday, he unveiled the final four.

For 10 days in October, Britons will be able to visit the French Laundry without ever crossing the pond. Thomas Keller plans to create a pop-up version of the Yountville restaurant at Harrods in London.

Jim DeBonis is back in charge of the beleaguered Ascentia Wine Estates.

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  1. How could Jon Bonne have missed my favorites — the Aldo Cella commercials “he knows what women like…” ?! Johnny Carson did a spoof of “Aldo” walking through a room full of pregnant women. I guess this makes me really old…