Daily Wine News: Charlottesville!

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 07-22-2011

Tom Wark is starting to think that “the very idea of a ‘wine blogosphere’” is a “false categorization.” I agree. Wine bloggers are a critical part of the wine media. And that’s why I’m so fired up about the Wine Bloggers’ Conference, which starts today in Charlottesville. (Follow the action on twitter, with the hashtag #WBC11.)

On Sunday, Jon Bonné “returned” to the Santa Cruz Mountains. Yesterday, he took to his blog to explain why Rhys Vineyards has captured “the attention of the wine-and-words crowd.”

In reaction to the scorching summer temperatures, Dr. Vino brings attention to the certainty of heat-damaged wine.

As Hong Kong’s wine auction industry has taken off, so has its wine storage industry.

Joe Roberts (aka 1WineDude) tastes a 111-year-old wine – and lives to tell about it.

Wine Spectator covers the news that a group of female winemakers in Austria has posed — in lingerie — for a new calendar.

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