Daily Wines News: Rosado!

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“To those who say that rosé, by definition, is insipid, I say: nonsense. Genuinely characterful rosés are all around us. It takes, admittedly, a little looking.” In Matt Kramer’s latest, he pays homage to rosé — and contends that “the best deal in truly tasty rosé is Spanish rosé (rosado) made from the Grenache grape.”

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov makes a similar argument.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague contends that the Long Island producers choosing to “live a little on the edge” are producing some excellent (and obscure) wines.

According to Jon Bonné, the wines from Germany’s most recent vintage “are marked by remarkably high sugar levels and ridiculously high levels of acidity… These wines are very much turned up to 11.”

Over the past year, there’s been a good amount of buzz for British bubbly. But because there’s no name for it — no Champagne, Cava, or Sekt — some are urging British winemakers to adopt a uniform term. Indeed, sparkling wine producer Coates & Seely has already proposed “Britagne” and emblazoned the term on the neck of its most recent vintage. Others have suggested the term “Merret,” in honor of British wine pioneer Christopher Merret. Dr. Vino polls his readers to find out what everyone thinks. (My take? Labeling the category is a good idea — but the proposed names are pretty bad.)

In Oregon, lawmakers have passed a bill overhauling event rules for wineries. Weddings, outdoor concerts, and other events are now (kind of) permitted.

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