Daily Wine News: Orwellian Machines

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George Orwell. Uploaded to flickr by monsterspade.

“Rarely before has any government agency so succinctly, thoroughly, and convincingly made the case for its own elimination.” The Philadelphia Inquirer offers a blistering criticism of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and its “Orwellian wine vending machines.”

Why are cluster tastings so popular with collectors and enthusiasts? Perhaps, as Andrew Jefford surmises, it’s that “the communal climax implicit in cluster tasting is more important than the hedonistic promise of the individual bottle.” For Jefford, though, the ideal tasting is a “single bottle… in the hush of anonymity, with a couple of good friends and a watching cat.”

Nick Musial, a wine distributor in Fayetteville, Arkansas, writes a wonderful rant explaining why he loves wine.

Next summer, thanks to a new regulation from Health Canada, wines that are fined using byproducts of seafood, dairy, or egg whites will have to include a warning label. Even imports. In the Napa Valley Register, Dan Berger explains why this regulation is doing nothing but “costing wineries money and scaring the public.” Agreed!

Speaking of Canada, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario has announced that beginning in 2013, wine bottles selling for less than C$15 must weigh less than 420g maximum. H/T: Dr. Vino, who asks readers if this is a brilliant move or despicable over-regulation.

Last week, we praised the Robert Oatley Vineyards 2010 Rosé of Sangiovese, highlighting its recent win as the top Rosé at the 8th Annual Critics Challenge International Wine Competition. Elin McCoy agrees! She’s named it her wine of the week.

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