Daily Wine News: File a FOIA!

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A couple weeks back, we reported on the new study from the American Association of Wine Economists that examined data from a mind-boggling 129,123 wine samples to look at increasing alcohol levels in wine. Terroirist friend Tom Natan, the owner of Washington DC-based First Vine Wine Imports + Sales, has written a super interesting post detailing this study. Check it out!

On Tuesday night, the Obamas hosted to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a State Dinner in the Rose Garden. The menu looked incredible – a spring pea salad; a petite filet with Maryland crab ravioli; wild ramp puree; and lots more. Strangely, each course was served with “an American wine.” Dr. Vino wonders if the “usher at the White House grown tired of the slings and arrows from the blogosphere.” I wonder if the White House is terrified of the media finding out how much each wine costs!

In Palate Press, Dan Berger interviews Fetzer winemaker Dennis Martin about Concha y Toro’s big plans for California. In March, the Chilean wine company picked up Fetzer and its affiliated brands. Martin is very excited for what’s in store. (For more on Dennis Martin, check out our recent interview!)

Decanter reports that a 23-year-old woman in France was recently caught pulling the barcode on a $3.66 bottle of wine and slapping it on a bottle of $3400 Chateau Petrus. This happened at a supermarket in Dordogne. According to French supermarket executives, this is a common occurrence. Is Chateau Petrus really sold at the local supermarket in France, just out on the shelf with other wine? And would it really be that difficult to figure out a solution to this problem? (H/T: Mike Steinberger.)

Shanken News Daily reports that with Champagne’s decline in U.S. market, Cava has taken off. This makes sense – people like sparklers, and the economic downturn has put a dent in everyone’s Champagne budget.

News flash: Spiders can get drunk!

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