Daily Wine News: Italian Whites

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 05-26-2011

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Joe Roberts (aka 1WineDude) highlights a new report from the Center for Wine Economics that looks at the rising sugar levels of California’s wine grapes. While it’s hard to prove a direct correlation, Joe (and the study’s authors) wonders about the link between “Parker Effect” and rising alcohol levels.

Steve Heimoff reads California’s 2010 Crush Report so we don’t have to. It’s fascinating.

Wine geeks have been digging Italian whites for a while now. Eric Asimov spills the secret, paying special attention to Fianos from Campania.

Dave McIntyre declares: “Rosé is the ultimate summer wine: a cold remedy for the heat of the blazing sun, able to lift our spirits from beneath a heavy blanket of humidity. From now through September, our refrigerators should never be devoid of rose.” Agreed!

Dr. Vino reports that New York State Rep. Robin Schimminger has introduced a bill that would require restaurants and retail shops to source all their wine from a “primary source” (aka, a distributor).  Hey, distributor/wholesaler lobby: Why do hate wine consumers so much?

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