Daily Wine News: Stoli Malbec

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-18-2011

Taken on a trip to Achával-Ferrer in 2007.

Wine Spectator reports that Achával-Ferrer, one of the top wineries in Argentina, has a new investor. SPI Group, the spirits company that owns Stolichnaya vodka and has shares in Tuscany’s Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, has bought a percentage of the Argentine winery.

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed a bill legalizing beer and wine tastings at some Washington farmers markets. Great news for consumers.

I had always assumed that America became a wine-loving nation in 1991, when 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer narrated a segment on the health benefits of red wine. Mike Steinberger had always assumed Americans started getting serious about wine in “the early 1980s, when an historic bull market on Wall Street began and Robert Parker emerged as the country’s go-to wine guru.” Turns out both these narratives are wrong. Steinberger has discovered a Time cover story from 1972 entitled “American Wine Comes of Age.” Check it out!

After tasting nearly 40 2008 Washington reds, Jon Bonné declares that Washington’s potential is “right back on course.”

During a recent trip to Napa Valley, Lettie Teague visited a “half a dozen or so open-to-the-public wineries” to find out if they were “geared to the masses or the oenophile.” She’s most impressed with Cliff Lede, PlumpJack, and St. Clement. Any guesses on which winery can boast an employee that proclaims “More alcohol equals more fun”?

Helicopter tours and wine tasting don’t mix. (H/T: Steve Heimoff.)

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