Daily Wine News: Drinking Like It’s 1993

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 04-07-2011

While cleaning out his bookshelf, Steve Heimoff uncovers an old copy of Decanter from June 1993. The cover story? “What will you be drinking in the year 2000?” Heimoff’s take is worth reading.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has put together a great roundup of different proposals (both good and bad) affecting liquor across the states.

Alder Yarrow is back from last week’s “In Pursuit of Balance” event. He’s got a great write-up, and tasted a few dozen wines.

In Eric Asimov’s latest column (which we linked to yesterday), he wrote “about the somewhat surprising finding that frequent wine drinkers consume more than a quarter of their wine without food, a percentage that rises the younger the wine drinker.” Yesterday, he followed up with a blog post asking his readers how they drink their wine. Some interesting comments.

Yesterday, the ShipCompliant blog launched a forum for “people directly involved in helping pass or defeat HR 1161″ to offer their opinion on the bill. In the first post, Karin Moore of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America National defends the legislation. Tom Wark chimes in with a comment that rips apart her arguments. Nice job, Tom!

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