Daily Wine News: Winemakers Debate!

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 03-24-2011

The ubiquitous Adam Lee, who makes an incredible array of (balanced) Pinot Noirs at Siduri -- and a host of different varietals at Novy.

Eric Asimov’s column about the “Great Pinot Noir Kerfuffle” that Adam Lee instigated at this year’s World of Pinot Noir has launched a lively conversation (and heated debate) on the WineBerskers message board. Winemakers Brian Loring, Larry Schaffer, Jamie Kutch, and Dan Kosta take part, as does Adam Lee himself.

Adam Lee is everywhere! At WineDiarist.com, Mike Steinberger and Adam Lee discuss older California wines (and alcohol levels, naturally).

Speaking of older California wines, Talia Baiocchi will take a look at “classic Napa Valley Cabernet via the people who still make it” over the next few weeks at Eater.com. In the first installment, she provides some background and history.

According to Evan Dawson, “more writers and critics [are] moving their focus away from color.” Let’s hope so.

Until reading Tim Fish’s latest Wine Spectator column, I had never heard of John Buehler, who describes himself as “the resident meshugana of Napa Valley.” Meshugana is Yiddish for crazy person. According to Fish, most of Buehler’s wines retail for $36 or less, and the $18 Zinfandel is “sleek and focused with elegantly complex notes of cherry, vanilla and spicy oak.”

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