Daily Wine News: Less than Macedonia

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Maryland Del. Dereck Davis, who spearheaded the weakened, anti-consumer bill. Since 2006, he has received more than $17,000 in campaign contributions from Maryland wholesalers and retailers.

On the ShipCompliantBlog, a great summary of the Wholesaler Protection Act, also known as HR 1161. If you haven’t visited the facebook page to Stop HR 1161, please do so – and “like” it.

In Maryland, as expected, a weakened direct shipping bill moves forward. It looks like consumers will be able to make purchases from out-of-state wineries, but not from out-of-state retailers, auction houses, wine clubs, specialty stores, etc. If you’re wondering who to blame, see the accompanying photo.

“I don’t see prices going anywhere significantly except up.” So says John Kapon, head of auctions for world famous wine retailer Acker Merrall & Conduit. He could be right. But keep in mind that even in the summer of 2005, many thought housing prices would continue rising.

Last week, Dr. Vino reported that the U.S. had become the “biggest wine consuming country in the world!” He put it all in context by urging us to work on our “per capita consumption rate, where we’re currently below the likes of Ireland and Equatorial Guinea.” Alder Yarrow puts it all in context again with some detailed stats on per-capita consumption. “We Americans drink only 9.6 liters of wine a year per-capita. That’s less than Macedonia, and only a bit more than the United Arab Emirates, where alcohol is pretty much illegal.”

In the Washington Post, Jason Wilson ponders “the lack of awareness beyond the bubble” with Sherry, “one of the world’s most versatile, best-value wines.”

Blake Gray recently participated in a seminar at the Natural Products Expo West, where he talked about organic wine. His thoughts on the topic are worth reading.

Attention DC readers: On April 5, more than 40 Sonoma County wineries are coming to DC, where they’re holding a day of tastings and seminars at Hotel Palomar. Participants include Freeman, Hanzell, Inman, La Follette, and a host of others – and proceeds will benefit hunger organization Share Our Strength.

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  1. Gosh. Another well crafted regulation to keep the lambs from freedom…Clarice? While the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ reference lingers, sounds like an opportunity for some wiley Vintners to go direct to consumer marketing just like big pharma. 18 cases a year not purchased in Maryland by consumers? Juicy!