Daily Wine News: Lawmakers go Loko

Posted by | Posted in Wine News, Wine Politics | Posted on 11-12-2010

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Washington joins Michigan in banning Four Loko, a drink that “packs the alcoholic equivalent of 4 beers and the caffeine content of 3 cups of coffee in a single distastefully colorful 23.5oz can.” A letter in the Boston Globe argues that “the makers of Four Loko should not be chastised for their creation, but rather praised for their quality product idea and successful marketing strategy.” I agree. No word yet on when the nanny staters will prohibit people from mixing red bull and vodka.

BottleNotes explains German wine labels. They look confusing, but that’s only because they’re chock-full of information.

Howard Hewitt visits Michigan wine country for Palate Press.

Beer producers in Florida declare war on HR 5034. Awesome.

Over at TheHillisHome, a neighborhood blog in Washington DC, I profile wine educator and sommelier David Denton. He tells me that Hillary Clinton’s drink is a vodka martini – not wine.

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