Daily Wine News: Learning from Experts

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 02-23-2011

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre writes about a “wine wonk festival” that brought some leading California vintners out to the East Coast to talk about their craft. Speakers included Jeff Newton and Andy Erickson.

2011 “started on an up note” for wines costing more than $11 per bottle.

On Tuesday, Washington’s state senate voted to legalize beer and wine tasting at 10 farmers markets. It’ll start as a pilot program — but this is a giant step for the drink local wine crowd.

In his latest column, Eric Asimov explains why “consumers could be helped immeasurably if the entire lexicon of wine descriptors were boiled down to two words: sweet or savory.” He explains his rationale a bit further on his blog.

A nice piece in Palate Press about Croatian wine and Plavac Mali, the ancestral grape of Zinfandel.

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