Daily Wine News: Beer & Premox

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Beer is just as heart healthy as red wine, according to a new study from the American Dietetic Association.

In the Financial Times, Jancis Robinson writes about “premox” (premature oxidation) of white Burgundies. If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis, this isn’t it – but  all attention to this topic is important, and it’s great to see a piece on this in such a high-profile publication.

Eric Asimov tastes “20 bottles of Côtes du Rhône from the very warm 2009 vintage.” He’s not thrilled, and worries that climate change will produce more years like 2009.

Adam Lee writes a piece for Palate Press, addressing the rumor that some Pinot Noir producers spike their juice with Syrah.

Alder Yarrow shares his notes from this year’s ZAP Zinfandel festival. It sounds like the 2009 Ridge Geyserville is really going to be something special.

Let’s assume Ludacris really enjoyed the Chateau Lafite he tried about five years ago.

A documentary about Pinot Noir. I don’t know much about this film, but I definitely plan on watching it.

Jon Bonné recommends a handful of ’09 Chardonnays from Oregon and Washington.

In the Tennessean, Mt. Juliet resident William Haupt III writes a letter to the editor urging lawmakers to legalize the sale of wine in supermarkets. I link to this letter because Haupt is doing what everyone who reads this blog should do if they’ve got some time: get involved. If you live in a state with stupid wine laws (translation: just about anywhere), write your legislators, write to your local newspaper, talk to your friends, and check out the American Wine Consumer Coalition on Facebook.

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