Daily Wine News: Yearning for Freedom

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Not sure how I missed this. As loyal readers know, lawmakers in Maryland’s General Assembly recently introduced legislation to legalize the direct shipment of wine to consumers from out-of-state wineries and retailers. I chimed in on this issue in the Washington Post, fearing that lawmakers would gut a critical part of the bill. Last Thursday, Maryland state Sen. Joan Carter Conway ADMITTED that was the plan, stating that the final bill would likely would keep in place the Maryland laws that prohibit residents from ordering wine from Internet retailers, joining wine-of-the-month clubs and taking part in out-of-state wine auctions. Absolutely infuriating.

On a similar note, we go to Tom Wark: “Yesterday, as WineBusiness.com reports, associations representing nearly all the wine, beer and spirit companies operating in the U.S. issued a letter to all members of Congress urging them NOT TO SPONSOR any new version of H.R. 5034.”

Shockingly, the state-employed bureaucrats who oversee Alabama’s state-run liquor business oppose privatization. In other news, the sky is blue.

Wine Spectator looks at the push to legalize corkage in Maryland and Virginia, and also runs through the tangle of confusing laws across the nation.

In Palate Press, Michelle Locke looks at Carignan’s potential in Chile. This was a great read, as I’ve always felt that Carignan is an under-appreciated grape.

Speaking of Carignan, one of the best examples I’ve ever had is produced by Porter Creek Vineyards. And later today, we’ll feature Alex Davis of Porter Creek with our weekly winemaker interview.

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  1. This just in – The Alabama ABC Board insists that if the sky were actually blue it would be responsible for an increase in underage drinking and alcohol related automobile accidents in the state! Film at 11.