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Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert Parker are probably the two biggest personalities in wine. So when “Bobby Parkerchuk” started tweeting last April, the wine world got a whole lot funnier.

Parkerchuk tweets as the love child of Parker and Vaynerchuk. Like Vaynerchuk, he loves bringing the #THUNDER. Like Parker, he’s quite fond of #CdP07 (that’s 2007 Châteauneuf-du-Pape).

Parkerchuk was interviewed by Dr. Vino shortly after his birth, but for the most part, he sticks to Twitter. We wanted his take on the shakeup at The Wine Advocate, so on Tuesday, we caught up over email.

The interview went well. In fewer than 400 words, Parkerchuk referenced Manfred Krankl, ’97 Harlan, censorship at the eRobertParker bulletin boards, and “vinofreaks.” I’d give the interview 99+ points, easy.

Terroirist: Thanks for your willingness to do this interview.

Bobby Parkerchuk: it’s always a pleasure to talk to a blobber…U probably just finished sucking on the teat of the California wine industry at one of those blobber conferences…luv U bro! #buymybooks

Terroirist: What are your thoughts on Robert Parker’s plan to shuffle the lineup at The Wine Advocate and hand over responsibility for California to Antonio Galloni?

bro…this adds so much #THUNDER…everyone’s talking about the WA again!!! 99+ pts 4 us…

Do you know how Gary Vaynerchuk feels about it?

my daddy?…not sure…but here at the Winery Advocate…we luv it!! 99+ pts bro…

Are you glad Parker is going to continue reviewing wines from Bordeaux and the Rhône?

of course bro…my Pappy is a legend…gr8est critic of all time any where any field…2 C him continue is like watching cal ripken if he were still playing 2day…batting about .096 and slow around the bases…but still a legend…

With Parker reducing his role at the Wine Advocate, will CdP07 suffer a drop in popularity?

no way bro…Pappy is on the old wine beat…and nothing ages better than #CdP07!!!!…especially from #MAGNUM…

I know Gary Vaynerchuk has acknowledged you in the twitterverse. Have you ever heard from Parker?

bro…why all these questions about my daddy & my Pappy?…what about me and my #THUNDER?!?!

How do you feel about Antonio Galloni?

bro…galloni is covering every region in the wine world now!…that’s like 10k tasting notes a year! …if he doesn’t have the hustle…then nobody does…

How does his palate differ from Parker’s?

bro…why don’t U ask him?…i’m sure he luvs harlan 1997 just as much as Pappy…100+ pts 4ever!!! as manfred wld say…sine qua non!!!

With Parker’s retirement from California, does this create opportunity for new critics?


Speaking of other critics, did you catch the Suckling/Vaynerchuk tasting at Wine Library?

U mean “nice hair” suckling?…yeah…he got smacked…didn’t know jack and my daddy had to do all the TNs for him…

I thought the tasting was pretty entertaining. Think there’s any potential for an @jsuckerchuk account?

sure bro…but it has to say napa volleh and wear a scarf while spitting in a #JETS bucket…

James Suckling’s new website has generated lots of commentary, especially on the wine message boards. What are your thoughts?

my rival in bordeaux for many years…but not much of a rival…does anyone care about him???

Have you ever met Gary Vaynerchuk or Robert Parker in real life?

only at birth and then at holidays…we’re all so busy with so much hustle these days…Pappy and I shared a philly cheese steak after christmas dinner together…

If you could open one bottle of wine with Parker, what would it be?

maybe loire cabernet frank? …LOL bro…that stuff is for goatball licking, hi acid loving… VINOFREAKS…

What if you could open one bottle of wine with Gary Vaynerchuk?

anything that gets him going his crazy tasting notes flowing..actually, i just care about the score… and if it has #FREESHIPPING…3pak of awesome on Sindy!

As a Jets fan, I’m sure you’ve heard about Mark Sanchez’s high-school hookup ( Your thoughts?

sanchize drew a foul on the play…but he’ll be back…badder than ever…99+ pts 2 the future!

The Jets came oh-so-close to the Super Bowl this year. What do they need to do take that last step next year?

more #CdP07 in the locker room…

Thanks again, Bobby. It’s really appreciated.

bro…it has been a pleasure…i will just send this over to squires for him to scrub ur questions…in the meantime…check out a preview chapter of my book, The Thnx Bro Economy…score 99+ points without even trying…buy it now on amazon!!!

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