Daily Wine News: Points!

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The wholesaling lobby.

In his column and his blog, Eric Asimov chimes in on the Willamette Valley’s 2008 vintage. As he writes, “the results seem to be unanimous. The 2008 vintage for Oregon pinot noir is superb.”

Could direct shipping soon be legal in New Jersey? Wine Spectator investigates.

Paul W. Jameson takes a really interesting look at the 100-point rating system by selecting six ’07 California pinot noirs that were awarded 87 to 92 points by the Wine Spectator, and blind tasting the wines with his tasting group. Jameson’s piece also has some interesting data on grade inflation.

Speaking of points, Remy Charest writes a nice piece on wine scores — concluding, get this, that points are entirely subjective. Agreed!

Talia Baiocchi writes about the past, present, and future of Santa Cruz wines. On a related note, Santa Cruz also inspired a great Pearl Jam song.

A German winemaker has uncovered a hidden cache of 500 bottles of  wine — untouched since 1945! He plans to re-bottle the wine, which strikes me as rather strange.

Yet another look at wine auctions in Hong Kong. Turns out Lafite remains quite expensive.

Dr. Vino sets the record straight on the history of white Zinfandel.

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