Daily Wine News: Fear is the Enemy

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 08-08-2012

“The enemy isn’t obscure wines or challenging lists. It’s fear of wine.” In the New York Times, Eric Asimov writes a fantastic column about the importance of educational wine lists — ripping apart Steve Cuozzo’s recent rant in the New York Post.

Bedrock Wine Co., one of the nation’s most exciting young wineries, has commissioned a series of articles from James Beard award nominee David Darlington. In Darlington’s first piece, he profiles “the wonderful Compagni Portis family, whose fierce dedication to an eclectic vineyard has kept its roots in the ground.”

The Press Democrat reports on the liquidation of Crushpad. Unfortunately, “hundreds of clients are still seeking details about the fate of more than 900 barrels of wine stored at a Sebastiani warehouse.”

In the wake of Crushpad’s demiseW. Blake Gray profiles Dogpatch WineWorks, a make-your-own-wine facility in San Francisco.

In Wine Spectator, Matt Kramer explains why everything that wine geeks complain about (restaurant markups, the 100-pt scale, etc.) isn’t going away.

elBulli, which closed last July, is auctioning off its wine cellar. Talia Baiocchi has the details.

Ad Age sits down with Andy Fennell, the CMO of Diageo, to discuss how social media has changed the company’s marketing efforts.

JJ Buckley’s Chuck Hayward pops the cork on the screwcap debate.

From the Associated Press, a profile of Ben Parsons and his rapidly expanding Denver-based winery, Infinite Monkey Theorem.

“The facts are clear, government in the booze business is a lose business.” In recent weeks, reports the Commonwealth Foundation, state-run liquor store advocates have seen “their most commonly trumpeted arguments drop like flies.”

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