Daily Wine News: Oregon Riesling

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From the Oregon Riesling Alliance.

“In the land of hills awash with fantastic Pinot Noir, more and more vintners are beginning to experiment with Riesling, thanks to the successful efforts of some pioneers.” Alder Yarrow brings some much-deserved attention to Oregon Riesling.

If you’re a new and learning wine collector, don’t “buy what you like.” As Keith Levenberg cautions, you might quickly “accumulate several thousand liters of full-bodied black currant lead pencils on steroids with 60-second finishes” that you eventually unload on WineBid.

“Wine isn’t just fermented grape juice. The European Union permits 59 things to be added to it, some of them seemingly innocuous (water), others icky… still others downright scary-sounding.” In the International Herald Tribune, Eric Pfanner explains why he’s bothered by the “Lack of Veritas in Vino.”

For now, at least, 2012 is looking like a “typical vintage” for California. So it’s time, according to Jon Bonné, for winemakers to “show that we can respect our bounty of sunshine rather than exploiting it.”

In the Financial Times, Andrew Jefford praises the wines of Piedmont, “where 60 wine zones jostle, interfold and overlap in a schema that seems to have more in common with medieval theology than marketing.”

In Palate Press, Evan Dawson offers some guidelines — to restaurants — on corkage.

“But the real story, the bargain bin, for Bordeaux is found in the estates and appellations that fall into categories as Bordeaux Superieur.” In Bloomberg, John Mariani highlights some Bordeaux that “99 percenters can afford.”

In WineReviewOnline, Mary Ewing-Mulligan dedicates an entire column to the 2009 Mt. Veeder Chardonnay from Mayacamas Vineyards.

“The old adage that wine and cheese are the perfect pairing is marketing B.S. Beer and cheese really sing—so do beer and fried food, beer and dessert, and beer and spicy foods. These are areas where wine has trouble holding out.” So contends Sayre Piotrkowski, the beer sommelier at St. Vincent in San Francisco. The rising demand for beer sommeliers is proof that “The Cult of Beer Has Officially Caught On.”

From Windsor Vineyards, a contest to win a luxurious 4-day, 3-night escape for two to Napa Valley!

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