Daily Wine News: Pet Peeves

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Introducing Second Cheapest Wine. “Outside of the cheapest, it’s the cheapest.”

The Wall Street Journal reports: “Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts like Australia’s Treasury Wine Estates for its exposure to the U.S. wine market, one of only a handful of wine-growing regions currently recording growth.”

According to Vinfolio chairman Jean-Michel Valette MW, “the United States is a larger fine wine market than people think.”

Taylor Eason details her wine-related pet peeves.

“The problem with Uncorked is that it suffers from an identity crisis. Is it a memoir? A stirring drama? A how-to on building the retail store of your dreams? A cookbook? In the end, Pasanella’s book tries to be all of those things, and it suffers for it.” Nonetheless, Evan Dawson feels “compelled to recommend [it] to friends who are intrigued by the wine industry.”

Richard Jennings writes about the “vast improvements” made in Chianti.

BottleNotes discovers “the oldest cinsault vines in the world,” which were planted in 1885. They’re in Lodi, California.

In Joe Roberts’ latest Playboy.com column, he offers some white wine recommendations for summer… tied to the type of girl you’re trying to impress. (Remember the website — and audience — before clicking the link.)

In the Portland Press Herald, Joe Appel praises the wines of Kathleen Inman, who “makes wines of exceptional clarity and verve.” (As regular readers know, we interviewed Kathleen last February.)

In Wine Spectator, Lizzie Munro chats with Boston sommelier Cat Silirie.

In New York Cork Report, “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hard Apple Cider.”

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  1. Second cheapest wine — just goes to show you that everything goes back to The Simpsons.