Daily Wine News: Das Kapital

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“If Karl Marx were alive and trying to buy Schnapps today, he might reconsider aspects of Das Kapital after dealing with our central alcohol planners.” In USA Today, Jonathan Turley contends that the “continued existence” of state liquor control is nonsensical.

Patrick Chapman, who manages consumer relations at Screaming Eagle, is aghast that some customers flipped the winery’s $250 Sauvignon Blanc. “The original purpose was for the direct-to-consumer channel… for their personal use only,” he told Wine-Searcher. “[But] people are turning it over for profit, for their own selfish greed.” The irony isn’t lost on Tom Wark.

Tyler Colman suggests that “heat damage might be the biggest silent killer in the wine industry — more even than corked wine, which has much greater renown.”

In his latest Playboy.com column, Joe Roberts profiles Tusk Estates, the producer of “Napa’s soon-to-be newest ‘cult’ Cabernet.”

“Red wines, by and large, are winter warmers. But if it just has to be red, here’s to the reds of summer: soft, smooth, juicy reds that you’ll want to gulp rather than sip. Even reds that can take a chill.” In the Chicago Tribune, Bill St. John lays out some rules for those who insist on drinking red wines when the weather is scorching.

In WineReviewOnline, Ed McCarthy writes a primer on Rosé Champagne.

WineBusiness.com profiles Domaine du Tariquet, which recently celebrated its 100th birthday.

W. Blake Gray comments on the news that Lot 18 is severely scaling back. As Gray reports, “the site laid off its entire editorial staff last week, dropped from nine to four procurement specialists, and dumped the food and travel businesses to concentrate on wine.”

In photos, Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka visits Angela Osborne of A Tribute to Grace. (If you’re not familiar with Angela’s wines, she makes some of California’s most interesting Grenach.)

In SeriousEats, “20 Rules for Bartenders.” (H/T: Eric Asimov.)

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  1. David, if you haven’t tried the Tariquet wines, get thee anon to a store and buy some. They’re really tasty, esp. for the price. The Ugni Blanc-Colombard is a longtime favorite, and my wife, who pretty much eschews any charnoonay not from Burgundy/Chablis, loved the chard.