Daily Wine News: Burned by Rudy

Posted by | Posted in Wine News | Posted on 06-20-2012

Add Doug Barzelay’s exceptional essay to the growing stack of must-read articles on the Rudy Kurniawan saga. Doug, who authors the blog Old Vine Notes, had firsthand experience with Rudy’s counterfeiting.

“One of the most absurd aspects of the current fine wine market is how expensive young wine is by comparison with mature vintages.” In her latest column, Jancis Robinson brings attention to value of mature vintages.

Matt Kramer wonders if “brand now more powerful than land.”

“This year’s en primeur campaign began with a bang, but after that it was pretty much whimpers all the way in what turned out to be arguably the most desultory on record.” In the Financial Times, John Stimpfig reports on this year’s futures market.

Elsewhere in the Financial Times, Maggie Rosen covers the debate over whether Robert Parkers “still sways palates and prices.”

Tyler Colman urges the Institute of Masters of Wine to “make available not only the titles of the 10,000-word research papers that candidates must pass to become MWs (called “dissertations”), but also the papers themselves.”

In Wines & Vines, Jane Firstenfeld writes about the breakup of the Mendocino Winegrape and Wine Commission – and takes a look at what might come next.

CBS News reports on the growing efforts to legalize grocery store wine sales in Oklahoma.

“I’m a wine snob.” So proclaims W. Blake Gray, proudly.

For Pride Week, the Daily Sip chatted with Tracey Mason,executive vice president of Global Marketing for Goelet Wine Estates, an “’out loud’ member of the LGBT community.”

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