Daily Wine News: Industrial Wine

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Wine investors enjoyed a return of 32 percent last year. (In case you’re wondering, wine outpaced gold.) Don’t shift all your money to wine, though — wine dealers are warning of a Lafite price bubble.

At Garagiste, Jon Rimmerman details all the “accepted/legal wine additives or residual ingredients potentially lurking in your favorite wine.” The list will certainly make you think. For an in-depth take on this, check out Benjamin Lewin’s piece on industrial and so-called natural winemaking techniques in the most recent issue of The World of Fine Wine.

“Ah, the PLCB, it’s enough to turn liberal wine drinkers into libertarians.” Dr. Vino takes a look at the push to privatize Pennsylvania’s state-owned liquor stores.

“Wine is serious business,” writes Jordan Mackay “Realizing this, restaurateurs nationwide have been rushing to create and expand wine programs in the last few years. This boom has created many new jobs for people capable of running midsize to large wine programs. But there’s a problem: There aren’t enough such people around.” In Zester Daily, Jordan Mackay looks at the shortage of good sommeliers.

At theHillisHome, a local blog in DC, I profile Josh Genderson of Schneider’s of Capitol Hill.

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