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A Sauternes vineyard.

In Sauternes, according to Will Lyons, “the economics of the region aren’t as straightforward as elsewhere.”

According to Jay McInerney, the wines of Beaujolais “are perfect for a summer fling, compatible with most of the food that will come off your grill in the next few months.”

“[Wine people] have been nerding out over esoterica for decades. Food is the new rock? Chefs are the new rock stars? Maybe. One thing I can tell you for sure: Wine has been burdened with this level of potentially unhealthy obsession since well before Proust fetishized that damn madeleine.” So contends Jon Bonné amid numerous stories that “food is the new rock.”

Dr. Vino brings attention to a great article in Art Info about the changing market for fine wine at Hong Kong wine auctions, and wonder if analysts are ignoring the impact of Rudy Kurniawan.

In a tasting of 60 wines from the 2009 vintage of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Jon Bonné and his tasting panel “found wines that exemplified the power of Napa and the freshness and aging potential of great Cabernet.” Lots of praise for CorisonTorLarkmead, and big names like the Hess CollectionRobert Mondavi, and Louis M. Martini.

Bill Foley is “adding two more wine estates to his growing company — one in Napa Valley and another in New Zealand’s Marlborough region.”

A really interesting conclusion from John Trinidad: “Sideways may have increased Pinot’s popularity, but ultimately may have had a negative impact on the variety. It turned Pinot into an overplanted and overpriced grape. In other words, Sideways made Pinot into Merlot.”

“You feel [McInerney] should have grown up by now, got all that fast living out of his system. But he hasn’t and, oddly, that’s part of his charm.” In the Observer, William Skidelsky sits down with Jay McInerney.

Isaac James Baker writes about a recent tasting of nine rosés.

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